Resources on the internet

Apart from all the many learning resources BBC Bitesize already has, they are offering three new lessons every weekday with videos and activities.

The Institute of Education has a page of links to useful resources to help parents who are at home with children.

Veronica Lamond produces a delightful series of children’s picture books about the diverse activities of two old animated Land Rovers and their energetic young owners.

She has developed a free teaching resource pack around her books which is aimed at KS1 but could be adapted to suit older children. See her website under ‘Info for Schools’ for further information.

Children who are interested in football may enjoy these free resources. Premier League Primary Stars have free school resources available from their website and have just launched some new learning resources for families to use at home as well.

‘Never Such Innocence’ is a charity which aims to engage children and young people across the world with the centenary of the First World War through poetry, art and song. They have quite a few free resources which can be downloaded from their website.